Clara S. Thompson, German-American columnist, author and transport expert at Greenpeace Germany.


Thank you very much for your interest in my work.

Since 2016, I have been giving numerous talks every year on the topics of media strategies for social movements and NGOs, the mobility and transport transition and the transformation of the automotive industry. This is based on my research and publications on the topic of the mobility transition. Among other things, I am the editor of the book ‘Aktionsbuch Verkehrswende’ (2021, oekom Verlag) about the current movement for a mobility transition in Germany. In my presentations, it is important to me to adapt them to your target group and the setting. You are welcome to make a non-binding enquiry now.

A selection of organisations where I have been invited:

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‘Anyone who wants to understand the world’s largest and most surprising youth movement of modern times, Fridays for Future, must read this book. It is admirable how quickly and profoundly authors of protest and movement research analyse the phenomenon with sympathy and facts.’

Prof Dr Peter Hennicke, former President of the ‘Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy’ and member of the ‘Club of Rome’

‘The forest occupation in Danni, the protests at the IAA and many local transport transition initiatives have finally made the mobility transition a visible public issue as part of the socio-ecological transformation. This book is a toolbox for taking action.’

Carola Rackete, ecologist and climate justice activist

‘The collective imagination for an alternative mobility system has fallen by the wayside as public space and passenger and freight transport have been customised for cars. There is hardly a trace of innovation and optimisation in Germany’s public transport – unlike the car: the product that has been invested in and pushed by politicians for decades.’

Clara S. Thompson, Political Fantasy


As a journalist, I write on the subject of socio-ecological transformation and the transport transition. My work has been supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the European Journalism Fund, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Johns Hopkins University (AICGS), among others. My texts have appeared in various German and international newspapers such as taz, nd, Klimareporter, watson, Frankfurter Rundschau and Al Jazeera. A selection of articles:

The German Greens and the ills of green party politics
26. März 2023

Proteste gegen Gaslobby
30. März 2023

Klima-Kolumne „Heiße Zeiten“
Seit Februar 2021

Wir führen die falsche Debatte
25. Juli 2022

Three months in prison: on challenges of anti-coal protest in East Germany
1. April 2023

The 9-Euro-Ticket
10. Oktober 2022


A selection of articles in print and television:

Zitty Magazin (2019)
Tagesschau (April 2024)
A Germany without the car industry? ZDF/Unbubble (2022)
„Die Autobahn – Kampf um die A49“; ARD Mediathek (2022)
Interview im nd (September 2023)